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Feel Rejuvenated and Renewed, Restored in Both Body and Mind.
RichWay Amethyst BioMat Benefits: Pain Relief…Stress Relief…Deep Sleep…Burn Calories…Strengthen Heart…Increase Circulation…Alleviate Migraines…Cellular Activation…Remove Toxins…Reduce Inflammation…Boost Energy…Improve Skin…Improve Mood…Decrease Free Radicals…Strengthen Immune System…


Comparison: BioMat vs Heating Pad

Comparison: BioMat vs Heating Pad

Testimonials about the Incredible Health Benefits of our Products:

★ I saw my cardiologist today. He said that he too has a BioMat.

My husband was diagnosed with Prostate cancer and the cancer was removed in January 1995, almost 16 years ago. He was fine until about four years ago when his PSA started to rise. At that time, he was treated with 38 radiation treatments and the PSA fell to 0. something and stayed that way for a year and a half at which time the PSA started to rise again. However, they could not use radiation a second time. Enter the BioMat. My husband has religiously used the BioMat, working his way gradually up to the highest temperature and rarely missing a day.

After three months, he had another test of his PSA and it had gone up. We were shocked, but in getting in touch with Dr. Bradshaw we learned that he should have gone off the BioMat for two weeks before the test as that would allow the body to settle down and the reading to be more correct. So my husband began another three months on the BioMat. At the end of that time, his PSA had dropped 7 points. In addition to that, his doctor had done a scan of his kidneys about six months earlier and found a spot on his kidney that he felt could be cancer. On the updated scan, the spot was gone.

My husband is still faithfully using the BioMat and his next testing for both PSA and a kidney scan is coming up soon. We are both confident that he will come through with flying colors. I hope my husband’s experience will be helpful to others.

I saw my cardiologist today and I was telling him my husband’s story and that I have started using the BioMat for my heart. He said that he too has a BioMat, just because he enjoys using it and it is so helpful in maintaining good health.

- P.M.

★ “You win the prize, you have the best blood of anyone tested today!”

In 2010, I purchased and started daily use of a BioMat professional and then last year, I installed an Alkal-Life 7000sL in our home. Since then I have been drinking the water daily. Here’s what I know to be true: in November, a live blood cell analysis showed my blood was very healthy. In fact the technician declared “You win the prize, you have the best blood of anyone tested today!” In December, during my last doctor’s appointment and after Bio-Impedence testing, the technician declared with a somewhat amazed look on his face, “You are very healthy!”

I am not a medical professional but I do feel that regular use of the BioMat and drinking ionized alkaline water has greatly increased my level of health and well-being.

- P.W.

★ I just cannot believe how wonderful the BioMat is.

I have a very virulent type of breast cancer. The doctors say it is the most rapidly growing type of cancerous breast tumor. I have been very sick. My blood tests showed my liver function to be very bad. After I got the BioMat, I started using it on high settings. I sweated out some brown stuff that wouldnÕt wash out of the sheets and towels I had on my BioMat. After about five times of using the BioMat in this way, I had my blood drawn again and my liver functioning was normal.

I am feeling much better and my doctors, even those who do not believe in things like the BioMat, are amazed at how well I am doing. The rapidly growing tumor started slowing down its growth rate and I had surgery to remove my second breast. I have recovered my strength and have started chemotherapy. I just had my first Chemo Therapy session. I felt bad afterwards and could not sleep. I started sleeping on my BioMat on low settings and slept very well. I am feeling much better and soon will start therapeutic sessions on the BioMat at higher settings to detox from the chemotherapy. I just cannot believe how wonderful the BioMat is. I am so happy to have it.

- S.S., Paderborn, Germany

★ When I started the Detoxi Salt, a whole new life opened up for me.

I started using Richway’s Detoxi Salt in February of 2011. It has definitely been a life changing experience for me. When I first started using the BioMat, several years ago, I had so many health problems. I suffered from neurological problems, arthritic pain, insomnia, chronic respiratory infections, headaches and chronic fatigue to name a few. The BioMat completely cleared up all these issues. When I started the Detoxi Salt, a whole new life opened up for me. For some reason, prior to using the Detoxi Salt, my body would not hold on to Magnesium. This problem has been going on for 10 years. I have had to spend 2-3 hours in my doctor’s office every 3 or 4 weeks getting Magnesium dripped into my veins by IV therapy.

This was very time consuming and expensive and, of course, not so good for my veins. Without these treatments I really could not function. After starting Detoxi Salt I didn’t need any Magnesium IVs at all. In April I travelled to Texas to do a BioMat show and forgot to take my Bamboo Salt with me. Sure enough, as soon as I got home I had to be back at my Doctor’s office getting a Magnesium IV.

Now that I’ve started using the Detoxi Salt every day I have not had a single Magnesium or any other kind of IV. Having my Magnesium in balance means feeling calm, sleeping well and not having any muscular problems.

- E.B.

★ Discovering the BioMat has changed our lives.

Discovering the BioMat has changed our lives. I first purchased the professional BioMat for my dog Chad, a 14 year old lab that was having difficulty standing and walking. Within a month of using the BioMat, Chad improved his stance and ability to walk. After several months of time on the Biomat, Chad was able to do little jigs and walk to the park again.

Of course Chad’s servants used the Biomat too and have experienced relaxation, pain relief and increase in positive mental alertness among other things. I no longer have lower back pain! My energy level is definitely up and my feeling of well being has increased too. We have been enjoying it so much that we also bought a mini BioMat to take with us wherever we go or put in the chair!

We are very lucky because we do not have illnesses or disease and we want to continue that trend! With the Biomat and Alkal-Life we feel internally clean and balanced! And that’s a good feeling!

- M.A.W.

★ My energy level, my relationships, my work, my life in general have all improved dramatically…

My energy level, my relationships, my work, my life in general have all improved dramatically over the past few years that I have been using the BioMat. My outlook on life is like that of a very young person; energetic and in love with life. A few years ago I got the water alkalinizer and started drinking alkaline water. My energy level increased even more and I became much calmer and more centered from using both these wonderful products.

- E.B.

★ [The BioMat] is as important to my health as eating and breathing.

I hate to use the word suffering, but anyone with illnesses the medical profession has no clue how to handle knows this is precisely how you feel. I have suffered with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, undiagnosed Lyme disease for 30+ years, Irritable Bowel, TMJ, Interstitial Cystitis, Insomnia, Arthritis, Migraines, mercury poising, TIA’s, arrhythmia and depression. Ah, I know, none of these conditions are fatal, but that does not mean the suffering should be devalued or is not real. It does mean, however, that there is no end in sight. At least, that is what western medicine has led us to believe, to accept. So I began my search for anything to relive my symptoms, the pain, the suffering.

In my search, I found the BioMat.

While attending a TCM conference I met a distributor who invited me to try the mat. Being the world’s biggest skeptic, I declined. Finally a friend, knowing I was suffering with severe back pain, convinced me to try it. During that weekend, I went back five times. Did I buy one? No. Remember, I’m skeptical. The relief I felt had to be all in my head. My friend made the decision to purchase, and I borrowed her BioMat. In one week, I lost 10 pounds of water weight from the edema in my joints. The relief was immense. I was sleeping, deeply. My muscles and joints felt relaxed and rejuvenated. I had more energy. The veil of depression was lifting with every physical improvement. Giving back the mat was difficult, so I made the decision to purchase, first the mini and then a professional with pillow. No buyer’s remorse here. There is not a day that I do not make time to use the BioMat. It is as important to my health as eating and breathing. The BioMat is a perfect complement to my practice of Qigong, Tai Chi and acupressure treatments.

I believe in the BioMat and that’s why I became a distributor. I’m a nurse, not a salesperson, but the results I’ve experienced convinced me every household needs a BioMat. You need a Biomat!

- M.A.N.

★ [With the BioMat] he sleeps very peacefully the rest of the night.

McClean wakes up in the middle of the night and crawls in bed with Mom and pushes her off her BioMat so he can sleep on it. He sleeps very peacefully the rest of the night.

- M., Age 3 (as reported by his Grandma)

★ [With the BioMat] Grace has brought her grades up to all A’s.

Before the BioMat Grace had severe sinus drainage after waking up in the morning. Grace suffered with sinus headaches and morning coughing on a daily basis. Grace also would sleep walk at night. She is an average student with B’s and a couple of A’s. Her younger brother decided he wanted her mat. So within a few days to a week without the BioMat Grace’s sinus issues came back. Also the sleep walking started back up and her grades dropped a little. Grandma gave her a loaner mat and, within a few days, again the sinus problem and the sleepwalking stopped. After several weeks on the mat every night Grace has brought her grades up to all A’s.

- G., Age 9 (as reported by her Grandma)

★ This little guy says he will not give up his BioMat.

This little one stole the biomat from his 9 year old sister. Montgomery was a bed wetter. After a couple of nights sleeping on the BioMat Montgomery stopped wetting the bed. He always slept with the pants that absorbed the moisture at night so the BioMat was protected. He spent the night at Grandma’s without a mat and he wet the bed. When Montgomery returned home and slept on the BioMat once more, the bed wetting stopped. This little guy says he will not give up his BioMat.

- M., Age 6 (as reported by his Grandma)

★ He is much calmer after sleeping on the BioMat…

Mitch crawls in bed with his younger brother and makes him share the biomat. Mitch has ADHD and is a very active little guy. He is much calmer after sleeping on the BioMat and his grades in school have also improved. Now the two brothers fight over the mat.

- M., Age 7 (as reported by his Grandma)

★ This is a minor miracle in my mind.

For many years chiropractors have not been able to adjust my thoracic spine by their usual means. My thoracic spine was “frozen.” After three months of daily use of the BioMat, I went to the chiropractor who easily made three adjustments to my thoracic spine. This is a minor miracle in my mind.

- E.B.

★ I am grateful for this wonderful gift!

I want to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed the “deluxe heating pad” as the BioMat is known around our house! At least that’s how my family sees it. I see it as so much more of a God send! I have enjoyed a greater degree of health in the last six months than I have in ten plus years! I know switching thyroid doctors has help considerably, but I know the BioMat has helped immensely as well. I am grateful for this wonderful gift!

- J.

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