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Alkal-Life Energy A-1 (Order Here)


Alkal-Life Energy A-1

Water Test: Alkaline water & Tap water

Alkaline water has the ability to dissolve grease and fat aiding the excretion of toxins. The smaller molecules of Alkaline water have excellent powers of dissolution, emulsification, and penetration. It clears out toxins from the blood vessels, increases vascular permeability and improves overall blood quality.

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The Tourmaline Energy Water Flask is a Portable Water Alkaline pH Enhancer.

The Alkal Energy- A1 increases the pH level of your drinking water. Drinking this alkaline water helps to eliminate free radicals in the body, making it nature’s greatest antioxidant, loaded with negatively charged hydrogen atoms.

The system contains Zeolites, which absorb and retain heavy metals and toxins, and Tourmaline which helps clean, mineralize and ionize the water.

Benefits of drinking alkaline water:
■ Smaller molecules of alkaline water allow more efficient dissolution, emulsification, and penetration. This helps dispel toxins from the blood vessels, increasing vascular permeability, and improving the quality of blood generally.
■ Drinking alkaline water helps neutralize the smoke or mist produced by smoking and therefore reduces the harmful effects of cigarettes and tobacco.
■ Alkaline water neutralizes an acidic constitution caused by the frequent consumption of carbonated drinks and acid-waste producing foods.
■ Fat is slowly emulsified by alkaline water, then expelled later through the bowel. This action makes the blood vessels softer and more ventilated, allowing nutrients to flow more easily into the body along with the alkaline water.
■ Alkaline water helps clear out the excessive free radicals within the body, enhancing the body’s oxidation resistance, which in turn delays the aging process.


How Alka-Life Works

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