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Distributor Business Opportunity

Richway USA is the manufacturer of the BioMat and the parent company of the BioMat Network. The Richway business model is a very elegant system of network marketing. It generously rewards its distributors in a number of ways. A dedicated distributor who devotes a lot of time to the business can earn a considerable income, or someone who just wants to supplement their income can do so without disrupting their other lines of endeavour.

RichWay Distributor Business Opportunity

RichWay Distributor Business Opportunity

The Dr. Michael Stern DC Distributor Group is a dedicated group of people, working hard and having a good time together too. We offer the best in support, organization and backup to provide you the tools you need to make a true success of your BioMat business on every level from improving your own health, having the satisfaction of helping others get well, providing an excellent source of income and creating the freedom to live your life how and where you choose. The icing on the cake is the network of friends created by this business that brings joy to life and extends love and care into far reaching places.

So here’s how it works:


At first, distributors are considered to be “Independent Representatives” and earn 5% of their sales volume in commissions. Distributors can start earning commission on sales as soon as they have purchased a Distributor Kit even though they may not yet have purchased any products themselves. Then when distributors have bought or sold $4,500 in products, they reach the “Gold” level and earn a 7% commission on sales. When distributors have bought or sold $10,500 in products they are at the “Emerald” level and receive 10% in commissions. The final level is “Diamond” which earns 20% in commissions.

At each of these levels you earn 10% of the purchase amount in product certificates, which can be redeemed for Richway products. Once the Diamond level is reached you can choose to join the Diamond Club which costs $280 per year and gives you 20% in product certificates as well as the opportunity to purchase, in each year that you are a Diamond Club member, one of each product Richway has for half price. This is a good way to get a Queen Size mat because it’s $1,600 instead of $3,200, for example.


So that’s the basic commission plan, but the real money is not in the commissions. The real money is in the binary payments which are $400 per week, each week that you have 6 business centers on the right side of your number one business center and 6 on the left side (a business center is a circle on the downline drawing that represents $500 in purchases). Your number one business center is the first $500 of purchases that you have made. A distributor must have reached the level of Gold to start receiving binary payments and must have purchased $1,500 in products as the applicant.

If you buy a Biomat Professional and pillow, you will have three business centers, numbers one, two and three. They will be arranged in the shape of a triangle with your number one at the top, your number two to the left of your number one and your number three to the right of your number one. All other sales or purchases you make will always be under your number one business center. The game is to try to keep your left side and right side balanced.

The binary payments flow up to you no matter whether you make the sale or someone else who is in your downline does. You can actually, after your business really gets going, receive binary payments on each of your business centers if you (or someone else) can generate enough sales under these business centers. This can turn into a big pile of money. Also, if you get 12 and 12 points under a business center you can get a binary payment of $800 or if it’s 18 and 18 then you can get $1200 (that’s every week that you can make this happen on one or several business centers). So you can get the idea of how lucrative this can be. Let’s say, for example, in any one week you could get 18 and 18 on one business center, 12 and 12 on another and 6-6 on three additional business centers. You would earn $3,200 that week, plus your commissions.

One concept that is sometimes hard to understand in the beginning is that on any given week that you do not receive a binary payment, the points that you have earned under a particular business center don’t go away. They sit and wait for you to earn more points to put with them. When you do get a binary payment on a business center, then that particular business center (and only that center) resets to 0 – 0 and you start over the next week adding more points. The challenge, of course, is in trying to keep the left side and the right side in balance. We help to accomplish this for you as much as possible by making placements using your own sales and the sales of others above you or below you to maximize binary payments for everyone to the extent possible. Of course you may sell to someone who becomes a really hot distributor, and you will need to find other distributors to balance you on the opposite side. You will also want to help out the hot distributor to keep the energy and enthusiasm going. This can all be fun and exciting. In the beginning we will take care of all of this for you, but as you become more experienced with the system you may want to be more involved in placement decisions.


In addition to all this there are other bonuses like car payments and Diamond Challenge bonuses. You can qualify for an auto allowance once you receive either 12 binary payments in 12 consecutive weeks, or 18 binary payments over any period of time. The auto allowance is then based on 10% of the binary payments you earn each month.

You can earn a Diamond Challenge bonus whenever you have four Diamond distributors in your downline that you have sponsored directly. When you achieve this you can play a little game with the company to earn a $10,000 bonus. This game can be played as many times as you have four new Diamonds that you have sponsored.

Also, when you get people under you that you’ve sponsored who start getting binary payments themselves, then you will may also receive 10% of their binary payments in any calendar month that you have earned four binary payments yourself during the same month. This is called a training bonus. This is in addition to your commissions and binary payments.


The crème de la crème is when you get to be Royal Family. Then each year you and the other Royal Family members share in the company’s gross annual income in this country. Two percent of the gross annual income is divided among the Royal Family members according to their productivity each year.

To get to Royal Family, a distributor must earn $50,000 in binary payments in a six month period. The distributor notifies Richway when to begin the six-month period for the Royal Family run. It is fun and exciting to do this, on top of everything else it offers.

This is an elegant business model. It creates abundance, along with improved health, and it creates this through inspiring people to help other people.


RichWay International has developed a new standing folder designed for tabletop presentations. This will be included with the Distributor Sales Kit.

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